Chapter 1: Starting my Small Business

Hello there! I'm Betsy Brooke, the proud creator and owner of Shop Betsy Brooke. After completing my college journey, I took a leap of faith and ventured into the world of photography by starting my own business. The growth of my photography venture has exceeded my expectations. However, being based in Minnesota comes with its challenges, particularly during the cold months when photography sessions slow down.

During those quieter periods, I felt a creative itch that led me to explore new avenues. Last December, I took a bold step and invested in my first embroidery machine. Without a concrete plan in mind, I started crafting bookish apparel that resonated with my personal style. This spontaneous decision gave birth to Shop Betsy Brooke—a haven for fellow book lovers.

It's worth mentioning that I started learning embroidery on TikTok and Youtube, and I always tell people they have been some of the most helpful tools when acquiring a new skill. Now, as I see TikTokers who I look up to and strive to be, it gives me the motivation to show up, connect with people I wouldn't have connected with before, and further enhance my craft. The BookTok and Bookstagram community has been like no other—filled with the most supportive and uplifting individuals.

The journey has been incredible, and I'm thrilled to see my dreams slowly materializing into reality. As 2024 unfolds, I'm excited to witness the continued growth and evolution of my business. Here's to embracing new creative outlets and the exciting possibilities they bring!

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